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New App Launched for Cryptocurrency Users

new trading app helps cryptocurrency users find the best financial products

A new commission-free trading app has been launched featuring Candlestick Charts to help cryptocurrency users find the best financial products at the lowest costs. The mobile trading exchange app ...

Luxury Car Dealership Accepts Crypto Payments

_Post Oak Crypto News 3

Based in Houston, Texas, exclusive automobile retailer Post Oak Motors is the first dealership in the United States to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for luxury vehicles such as ...

Sweet times for Bitcoin candy

Walmart Crypto News 3 Image

Cryptocurrency fans with a sweet tooth will be eager to learn that a new Bitcoin has been launched – made entirely of chocolate! The sweet treats come courtesy of American retail giant, Walmart, ...

More crypto ATMS to be installed in Greece

more crypto atms to be installed in Greece

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, the European country is embracing the use of ATMs which allow users to buy or sell digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, and others. ...

China Stops Hotels from Hosting Crypto Events

china's central government stops hotels and theatres in beijing from hosting cryptocurrency events

China, who is arguably a world leader in censorship, has turned its eye once again to cryptocurrency, and while it would be near impossible for China to halt digital currency being traded within ...

American Football Gets Ahead of the Crypto Game

FanChain SportsCastR Image

Do blockchain and the sports entertainment industry go together? NFL seems to think so, so much so that if this is as successful as it looks on paper, this may be the start of a revolution. NFL ...