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The Bankroll Dapp is a very great ROI Dapp where you become apart of a smart contract that pays you dividends. Deposit the amount of Tron that you want to place into the contract, this includes a 15% fee. However, once you have got the TRX in your contract you will start to receive 3.33% of whatever you have in the contract daily.

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Bankroll Dapp Review

Bankroll is a popular and promising ROI Dapp that gives you back 3.33% of whatever you have deposited daily. Every time you deposit into the smart contract the Dapp charges a 15% fee, however, that’s the only fee it takes from you. You will also receive a percentage of whatever anybody you refer earns daily.

Smart Contract

Depositors will receive 85% of however much they deposit, and the extra 15% goes to the Bankroll team. 2.5% of the 15% goes towards development of the Dapp and referrals while the other 12.5% goes to the in-contract treasury. Every day you will receive 3.33% of however much Tron you’ve funded into your smart contract. Withdrawals are almost instant thanks to the speed of the Tron blockchain, and this makes this Dapp more transparent when compared to old ROI sites in the cryptocurrency industry.


According to the team at Bankroll, Luck is the biggest decentralised non-profit casino on the TRON blockchain. You have to pick a number between 1-100, the higher the number you select then, the higher chance you have of winning. However, if the lucky number that lands are higher than the number that you picked then you will lose your bet. It is non-profit because the amount that you lose will be split between others and granted to them.


The credits feature in Bankroll is great as you can deposit a certain amount of Tron to get credits in return. 10% of whatever you deposit is taken away as a fee, 8% is placed into the dividend pool while 1% is used as a referral reward and the other 1% is used for maintenance/promotion. These credits may be worth more in the future as you can sell it.


There is no mining feature on this Dapp because it is a return on investment site. The money that you lose on the Luck game could be classed as being similar to mining because it is split up and granted to other players for their time playing.

Referral Bonus

You can invite your friends to Bankroll and to play the Luck game, in return you will gain 1.25% of whoever you’ve referred’s dividends. The referral link to give to others can be found underneath the ‘About’ section of the homepage.

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Our Conclusion

The Bankroll Dapp is a promising ROI where you can earn 3.33% of whatever you have deposited into the contract. You can also grab 1.25% of the people that you have refereed’s earnings thanks to the referral bonus. There is different features for you to enjoy on this growing Dapp, the Luck game that’s available is a great non-profit casino game where you can earn some extra Tron. It’s an amazing website where you can create a profit without too much effort.