888 Tron

888 Tron

888 Tron contains simple mechanics and has few common features among Dapps. However, this Dapp is considered to be aimed towards the crypto community and those who understand the value of blockchain technology. There are three different games available, Dice52, Gear of Fortune and also Crypto Slots. Each one is unique and fun in it’s own way, hopefully you can take away some TRX from this Dapp.

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888 Tron Dapp Review

888 Tron has been around for some time now, however, it is still gaining large amounts of volume and transactions. 888 Tron contains three different games, Dice 52, Gear of Fortune and Crypto Slots.

Dice 52 Game

The aim of this game is to make a prediction on a what the turned over card will be from 2 - ACE. Payouts can be from 100 - 5000+ TRX. This is very similar to other Poker related Tron Dapps however, 888 Tron has made a promise to it’s users to always be a trustworthy Dapp in addition to being fair and fun. Both newbie and professional Dapp players can gain enjoyment from the Dice52 game whilst also being aware that it is being hosted from a trustworthy source.

Roulette Game

Why not try out the Roulette feature within the 888 Tron dApp, there is a great range of betting options so you can pick up a small or massive win depending on how much you’re willing to bet. Place a bet on any part of the roulette table from 10 TRX all the way up to a massive amount that goes past 1000 TRX. You can bet on multiple options and you can potentially pick up multiple wins.

Jacks Or Better Game

Look at the Jacks Or Better game if you love poker and love to make a bit of additional Tron. This game plays like many other poker dApps you might find on the internet, there are five cards and there is a variety of hands that you can land. Receive a card that’s Jacks or Better to receive 100 TRX, this goes up to a colossal amount of 80,000 TRX if you manage to receive a Royal Flush.

Gear of Fortune Game

Gear of Fortune would be considered as a much more unique game compared to Dice 52, as the games concept has not been seen on many other Dapps. The player must choose a bet amount and a sector (x2, x5, x6, x10, x20). After clicking ‘spin’ a random sector will be chosen. If your predicted sector is chosen then you win, the payout is the bet amount multiplied by the sector.

Crypto Slots Game

This is the latest game produced by 888 Tron and has a completely new way of playing. The player must firstly choose a bet and the amount of ‘lines’ they want to bet on from 1-10. The lines represent where on the slot machine it will hit the logo’s. If a player gets a line of the same logo in a spin they win. Different logo’s represented each correspond with a different amount of TRX to win. The more lines the player bets on, the higher the amount of TRX betted as 1 line = 10 TRX.


888 Tron do have an ‘auto bet’ option for each of their games, this is for when players decide they want to mine on the platform rather than manually making predictions. Instead, a prediction can be made for the number and whether it will be higher, lower or exact. This can run in the background of whatever the player may be doing. In addition to earning tokens which can get put towards dividends as an extra gain.

888 Token Information

888 Tron have 888 Tokens as their dividends for players. Due to 888 Tron being around for awhile now, they have reached stage 103 in their dividends at the time of writing this. Meaning it costs 1720 TRX to mine 1 Token, but as the stages progress the token becomes worth more. They’re still over 500,000 Tokens in circulation with each Token still being worth a fair amount of TRX.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonuses are rewarded by referring your friends, in which you can then receive 0.2% of all of their bets. Their referral section can be found on the header above, next to ‘dividends’.

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Our Conclusion

888 Tron is one of the first ever Tron based dapps and it has continued to grow into what it is now. With three different games available it gives players a good variety to choose from and each one you play mines the same amount of 888 Tokens. If you start to freeze the 888 Tokens you earn over time then you will start to earn dividends in Tron (TRX)! 888 Tron have a lot planned for the future of the Dapp, read the white paper to see the games they are planning on releasing.