Tronjack is a cool casino based dapp where it’s your job to play poker with a large number of different hands. You can earn TJN tokens which are TRC20 tokens on the Tron blockchain, collect these tokens simply by playing the main game. Freeze these tokens to earn TRX dividends.

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Tronjack Dapp Review

Tronjack is an amazing new casino dapp that lets you play Jacks Or Better poker but with a variety of different hands from 10 to 100. It starts with one hand and you have to hold cards if you want to keep any, then all the other hands are revealed and if your cards match with the poker hands then you will get the multipliers attached to that hand.

The more you play this game then the more TJT tokens you will mine, these tokens can be frozen within the dividends section to earn dividends in the form of Tron every day.

Jacks Or Better Game

This game on Tronjack works a lot similar to any other traditional Jacks Or Better game but the only difference is that there are multiple hands that will give you more of a chance of winning. You can choose if you want 10, 50 or 100 hands. If you choose the highest option then you have more of a chance of collecting different multipliers but they’re worthless. If you pick 10 then your chances of revealing hands with multipliers decrease but they are worth more. Aim to go after the Royal Flush as you can earn an 800x bonus of however much you bet.


Within Tronjack there is an auto bet feature for players who want to win decent amounts of TRX and also mine TJT in the background. The more bets that you place on the site then, the more TJT you’ll mine.

TJT Token Infomation

There is a total of 901 TJT tokens currently in circulation at the time of writing this within Tronjack. It is currently at stage 1 level 1 of mining, and it’s gradually increasing. At the moment 1 TOPIA is worth 1000 TRX, however, as each stage progress, the price of the coin increases by 20 TRON.

Referral Bonus

Tronjack gives you 15% of the people you have referred’s bets! This is a massive amount and will hopefully encourage you to sign up your friends.

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Our Conclusion

Tronjack is a unique poker inspired dapp that many players will love because of the fact that it’s made Jacks Or Better poker a distinctive dapp just because of the multiple decks. You can earn some TJT tokens to freeze them within the site to earn Tron dividends. At the time of writing this review this dapp has only just been launched, so it’s very possible that a lot of new features will be added as it progresses.