Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle is a newly released Dapp, introducing it’s very own new and attractive RPG. This Dapp contains a variety of new and refreshing features which will entertain any Dapp player. 

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Dragon Castle Dapp Review

Dragon Castle is a brand new dapp based on a mythical RPG theme. Based on an original story that there was an ancient dungeon realm called ‘Dragon Castle’. The story tells of a kingdom that has been corrupted by dragons and monsters. To rid these creatures from the kingdom, a bounty is announced to be rewarded to those who will fight in battle and defeat these monsters as a player; this is your role within the game.

Dragon Castle Game

To begin with, the player will enter the dungeon ‘blazing lair’. Within this dungeon, the player will first face a Skeleton as they will not have placed within a tier. To explain tiers further, Dragon castle contains a levelling system which works the same as any other RPG. By damaging the enemy, EXP is earned, once reaching a maximum status of EXP within a level the player will then level up. After levelling up every ten times, you will then enter a new tier. Each tier contains different bonuses, e.g. Tier two gives a 10% DC mining bonus. In addition to this, tier six and tier ten also present new enemies for the player to defeat which will not only be harder, but better rewards will also have an opportunity to be won.

When playing the game, Dragon castle is extremely aesthetic with smooth animations shown to the player. To play the game, the player must first set up the amount of damage they will want to do to the presented enemy by dragging the sword in the middle of the screen either left or right. Then, an amount of TRX will be needed to be bet. By inflicting more damage (attack) on the monster, the chance of winning your lottery will be less. To win TRX, your ‘defence’ must be higher than your attack - the amount of defence you have will be randomised- if the defence is pronounced higher than the attack, you are then rewarded back your bet TRX and more. However, if the defence is less, you lose out on a reward. This is an easy concept for all players to understand. However, the gameplay is also unique and original, which is also a more entertaining factor towards players.

Currently, 60% of profits go towards mining, 9% goes towards airdrops, 10% goes to marketing and 21% goes to the operation in general.


By playing Dragon castle and spending TRX, players will earn DC tokens in return, dividends still work in the same way, in that players can freeze these tokens and make TRX every 24 hours; currently, it takes 500 TRX to mine 1 DC.


There are a total of 12 seasons; each season has 50 rounds. Once every round is passed the amount of TRX to mine one DC will be increased, however, once a season is passed the amount of TRX to mine one DC will be decreased. In addition to this, players can choose an ‘auto’ play feature to carry on playing Dragon Castle in the background of any of their other tasks

Extra information (Fortune tree and Lucky Spin)

Fortune Tree is like a jackpot system; extra TRX can be won through the fortune tree depending on the amount of damage dealt by the player and the gold stacked within the tree.
A specific portion of TRX earned through the game’s revenue is accumulated within the Fortune tree. Therefore, the more TRX put into the game equates to more gold being hung on the Fortune tree.

Lucky Spin is a second rewarding system, yet this one can only be used if you have played Dragon Castle throughout the day. As a player, you get three chances throughout the day to spin for a reward from 5 - 100,000TRX. In addition to this, you have a higher chance of winning better awards each bet; therefore, 100,000TRX can quickly be expected to win.

Referral bonus

Dragon Castle does not currently offer a referral bonus.


Our Conclusion

Dragon Castle is a great dApp where you constantly battle monsters in exchange for cryptocurrency. You can bet mine on this dApp and only deal a small amount of damage, or you can take a chance at trying to get the monster with a big hit for more Tron. The graphics on the Dragon Castle game are superb and probably some of the best we’ve seen from a dApp on the Tron blockchain.