Blocklords is a very innovative strategy game based on both the Tron and NEO blockchains where you can attack others to win Tron or NEO and build up your character to take on higher opponents. This Dapp is an amazing game and stands out from other Dapps because of its unique theme.

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Blocklords Dapp Review

The Blocklords game is a Dapp that is based in Medieval Europe where you use a tonne of strategy to attack others and build your wealth. You can use different amounts of Tron or NEO to upgrade your character to be stronger and to have a higher chance of defeating your enemies.

Blocklords Game

The aim of Blocklords is to build up your character’s items to battle with others to control certain areas and to control areas of trade. To get started on this amazing game you need to login to your TronLink wallet, pick one of the three characters available and then pay 50 Tron to confirm your character. Your character has five different items that help boost one of your skill sets. The five skill sets in question are Intelligence, Leadership, Speed, Defence, and Strength. You also have a certain amount of troops, the more troops you have then the more of a chance you will have in winning a battle against another player.

The more you use your items then the more chance it will have of leveling up, once your item levels up it give you an extra point on that statistic and will be worth more on the marketplace. Higher quality items are generated on the blockchain for players to obtain and use for themselves or sell on the marketplace. Items with higher quality have a higher max level meaning you can increase the stats of your character to another level. All the in-game nations will be run by the players who are the top of the food chain, so as the game progresses the battles for control will be very fierce.


The Blocklords game doesn’t mine like many other Dapps, instead of mining it while you’re playing the game takes fees for creating your character, getting involved in a battle and selling items on the marketplace.

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You can receive 50% of everybody you refers to earnings from battles with other people on Blocklords.

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Our Conclusion

Blocklords is a great new Dapp that at the time of writing this review has only been recently released to the public. The closed beta stage of this game grew a lot of excitement from people within the Crypto and Dapp space, now it’s out to the public we can see why there’s so much hype around it. This is one of the first Dapps that actually follows the format of an entertaining game and can also pay out a decent amount of Tron.