Blaze Economy

Blaze Economy

Blaze Economy is a unique casino based Dapp that’s on the Tron blockchain. At the time of writing this there is two different games that funds and powers the economy, these include Blaze Machine and Blaze Kings. This Dapp also has it’s own exchange as well as a dividends option to freeze the BLAZE tokens you earn. 

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Blaze Economy Dapp Review

Blaze Economy is a popular dapp that’s on the Tron blockchain with a variety of games that help power the main part of the dapp, it’s exchange and dividends feature. You can earn daily dividends in TRX when you freeze the BLAZE tokens that you earn from wagering Tron on the two games available. The two games include Blaze Machine and Blaze Kings.

Blaze Machine Game

Blaze Machine works a lot similar to a lot of dice games that can be found on other dapps of the same theme. You have to bet TRX on a dice roll that generates a lucky number between 0-97, it’s your job to predict if it’ll be high or low. If ‘High’ is selected you are awarded more points for a high number, the same applies if ‘low’ is selected then you’re awarded more points for a low number.

Blaze Kings Game

Blaze Kings works differently compared to the Blaze Machine game. This game is more of a PvP style game where you battle with the other current Kings to take the throne. In order to do so you need to need to roll either 300 or higher. If it’s lower than 300 than you lose your bet and the current King stays in their position.


BLAZE tokens are given out to people who place bets on the Blaze Economy Dapp. Accumulate these tokens and freeze them within the dividends section to receive daily dividends in Tron.

BLAZE Coin Information

There is a planned eventual circulation of 100,000,000 BLAZE tokens available for players to mine. You can trade this token on their own exchange that’s located next to the dividends section of the dapp.

Referral Bonus

Blaze Economy gives you 2% of whoever you’ve referred’s mining bonuses. This means that if the person you refer mines 100 BLAZE tokens then you will get 2 BLAZE tokens.

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Our Conclusion

Blaze Economy is a very unique game that many dapp players will love to join. The two games available on Blaze Economy make it interesting and the fact that you can switch between the two easily will make people less bored. You can freeze the tokens that you earn within the dividends section of the site, you will then be granted dividends daily in Tron depending on the amount of BLAZE tokens that you freeze. The team behind Blaze Economy have done their very best to give themselves a legit brand that differentiates from other casino related dapps.