Crypto Vegas

Crypto Vegas

Crypto Vegas is a great casino Dapp with a variety of different casino games that are made for your enjoyment. At the time of writing this review, the Dapp has eight different games for players to enjoy. You will receive VCOIN when you start playing on the site’s different games, take advantage of the vast range of cryptocurrencies you can use on this dApp.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute finanical advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Please do you own homework and due dilenge on these dapps before taking our word for it. Decentralized applications come with risks and should be treated as such.

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Crypto Vegas Review

Crypto Vegas has a broader variety of games to play than most other Dapps that are currently out on the market. At the time of writing this review, the Dapp has eight games for users to enjoy. Because of the games available, you are likely to be playing more to explore how the different games work, you can earn a lot of VCOIN as well because of the time you spend playing on it.


The first game produced on Crypto Vegas is ‘DICE’. The aim of the game is simple, and the player must pick a number from 4-98 and whether the ‘lucky number’ will be under or over the number you’ve chosen. Due to so many odds, the game gives players a range of multipliers on their bet (1.0368 - 98.5). Allowing players to earn small or large amounts of TRX depending on their bets.


Play this arcade version of Roulette on Crypto Vegas, it’s a rather simple game but gets the job done if you’re trying to get a decent win. You can throw a bet on anything on the table with any amount that you’re willing to bet.

SkyRocket Game

This is a top quality game where it’s your job to bet on what multiplier you reckon the rocket will land on. The rocket takes off and starts making it’s way through the galaxy, if it passes the multiplier that you chose then you’ll receive that multiplier on your bet. However, if the rocket passes the multiplier you chose then you will lose your bet.

MoonRekt Game

MoonRekt allows you to bet on the price of different cryptocurrencies and if it will go up or down from the current price. This game can pay out well if players get lucky, if you manage to get the right bet then you can pretty much double the amount of Tron you decided to bet.

Mines Game

The Mines game is unique because it’s based on the very popular computer game Minesweeper that most people are familiar with. There are 36 squares, and you can choose the number of squares you’d like to cover and the amount of bombs you want to drop.

TronSpin Game

The Tron Spin Game gives you a wheel with different colours across it that all give out different multipliers. The most common multiplier is purple if it lands you will get 3x your bet, and the rarest multiplier is the colour red that pays out 48x your bet.

DigiX Game

Select the bet amount when you first enter and choose whether you believe that the number you will be big, small, odd or even. The numbers that classify for big is ‘5-9’, small classifies at ‘0-4’. Odd is obviously 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 while even is 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.


Within each of the games, there is an auto bet feature for players who want to win decent amounts of TRX, ONT & IOST while also mine VCOIN in the background. The more bets that you place on the site then, the more VCOIN you’ll mine.

VCOIN Token Infomation

There is a total of 10,115,412.2 VCOIN tokens currently in circulation at the time of writing this within Crypto Vegas. Now, it is at stage 1 level 7 of mining, and it’s gradually increasing. At the time of writing this review 1 VCOIN is worth 672 TRX, 100 ONT and 1000 IOST. The value will increase in value through time as the mining stages increase.

Referral Bonus

Crypto Vegas gives you 0.3% of the people you have referred’s bets, so if you refer one player then you will earn a tiny percentage of everything they bet on the Dapp.


Our Conclusion

Crypto Vegas is a wonderful casino Dapp with a great range of casino game for you to earn a decent amount of Tron, iOST and ONT on as well as their own VCOIN token. At the moment the coin is not available on any exchanges meaning the price of the coin will not drastically drop down. You can have a lot of fun with the eight different games that are available on Crypto Vegas, there also might be a tonne of new games added to the Dapp later on down the line.