Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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The Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchanges

How do you know which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges to buy bitcoin or altcoins? Well many of the top crypto exchanges have only been round for 12 months or less at time of writing. At we have took the hassle out of your decision with our crypto currency list above. We currently list over 200 of the major worldwide exchanges, which are ranked in order of 24 trade volume.

When looking for the best bitcoin exchange there is a number of conditions to take into account. Firstly you want to make sure that the site is safe and secure, they should have a SSL certificate added to their website. A trustworthy crypto exchange should have transparent data, such as the number of trading pairs they have, along with an about us page, contact details and profiles on all major social media. Whilst their are cryptocurrency exchanges which are decentalised and dont have all of the above, we would suggest you do your own home work and due diligence on these to make sure your bitcoin and crypto is safe.

When first starting out in cryptocurrency you will be looking at how to purchase bitcoin or a certain altcoin you have heard about. This involves you taking your  fiat currency and purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin and from here then purchasing your desired coin. You can find out how to do this in our how to guide section along with other help tips and tricks to afford expensive fees.

Below is some of the most popular questions we get asked regarding exchanges on a daily basis;

Which is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

The crypto currency space is forever changing and exchanges are no different. New exchanges are launching every month and whilst currently the majority of people or buying their bitcoin and crypto on Binance, Bitmex, Kucoin and Bitforex, this doesn’t mean that an new site could take over at any moment. At our aim is to make it easy for our visitors to find everything they need to know and easily find the best exchange for their needs. This is why we have created our table with trading volume in mind as the biggest and best exchanges have the most trading volume.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are website where you can buy, sell or exchange crypto currencies for another digital currency or fiat currency such as USD ( United States Dollar), GBP (Great British Pound) or Euro. Exchanges can be broken up into three different types;

Trading Platforms - These connect buyers with sellers and take a small transaction fee per sale.

Direct Trading - These sites offer peer to peer trading and tend not to offer a fixed market price but instead allow sellers to set their own rates.

Brokers - These sites act like an online foreign exchange and allow buyers to purchase bitcoin and altcoins at a set price.

How many Bitcoin exchanges are there?

We currently list 223 exchanges at time of writing. These range form centralised and decentralised exchanges, centralised exchanges tend to have some sort of governmental backing or financial ties to an authority. Where as decentralised exchanges believe that they and their visitors should stay anonymous so arent controlled by any one authority.

What are network fees and why do some exchanges charge them?

Every single cryptocurrency is hosted on a blockchain. In order to send crypto from one person to another  it requires a network fee. This is a commission the blockchain takes from the amount you or i send. If the transaction fee is set to low and doesn’t cover the initial cost of the fees then the transaction will fail, This is why it is so important to include network transaction fees in the amount you send or receive.