Smart Games

Smart Games

Smart Games is a dApp that’s on the Tron blockchain that has a great dividends feature and looks very appealing. At the time of writing this review there is only one DICE game available, however the team have seven other games planned for the future. 

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Smart Games Dapp Review

Smart Games is a beautiful looking dApp that’s based upon the Tron blockchain. It has a great dividends feature that pays out TRX to players who stake their Smart Games tokens. You can earn SG tokens simply by playing the dice game, if you really want to you can keep the dice game on auto spin to just mine these tokens.

Dice 52 Game

The aim of the Dice game within Smart Games is to pick a number between 1-100 and to bet whether the lucky number will roll under or over the number you have chosen. The lower the number you pick, then the multiplier will be a lot higher. You can either take a large gamble to get a decent amount or play it safe to get a tiny bit of profits.

Everytime you decide to roll the dice within this game then you’ll receive a certain amount of SG tokens. These tokens have their own value and as well as the dividends you may be able to trade them on a TRC20 token exchange in the future.


Smart Games do have an ‘auto bet’ option for each of their games, this is for when players decide they want to mine on the platform rather than do it manually. Instead, a prediction can be made for the number and whether it will be higher, lower or exact. This can run in the background if you want and meaning you can do something else while you collect SG tokens.

SG Token Information

Smart Games have SG Tokens as their dividends for players. The value of 1 SG token is a total of 500 TRX at the time of writing this review. However, as the days progress then the value of the SG token increases.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonuses are rewarded by referring your friends, in which you can then receive 0.25% of all of their bets. You can also receive 10% of everybody’s SG tokens that use your referral link.

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Our Conclusion

Smart Games is an interesting and beautiful dApp that at the time of writing has a very unique design that makes it stand out from the rest. You can claim up to 10% of everybody you refer’s SG tokens, you can use these SG tokens to stake in exchange for dividends in the form of Tron. There are a range of different games that are being released on this dApp in the near future that’ll increase the site’s interest and make it even more fun to play.