Poker Tron

Poker Tron

Poker Tron is the first TRON (TRX) based decentralized video poker game. This video poker game is completely transparent and probably fair, offering many ways to win depending on your hand. The tron poker game is also on the blockchain, making decentralized and owned by the PKT token holders themseleves. 80% of these tokens are available to be bet mined by players, the other 10% goes to the owners for operating the site while the last 10% is dedicated to promotion. 

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Poker Tron Dapp Review

Poker Tron is the first ever Tron based video poker dapp and is a refreshing new addition to the growing list of dapps operating on the Tron blockchain. The site currently has Jacks or better video poker with a second game Blackjack being added soon.

Jacks or Better Video Poker Game

The Jacks or betters video poker game is the main game on Poker Tron, and the aim is to get the best possible 5 card poker hand to win. If you grab a pair of jacks or any pair higher, then you will get back your original bet. You can double your bet amount by getting two pairs. However, if you manage to get three of a kind, then you will receive triple your bet amount. Quadruple your bet by landing a straight which is 5 cards in order (for example 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Then other well-known poker hands can get you an even higher bonus, if you receive a flush then you will get a 6x multiplier on your bet. A full house can get you 8x your bet, flopping four of a kind will get you a 23x multiplier on the amount that you bet. What you want to be aiming for though is either a straight flush or a royal flush, a straight flush gives you 80x your bet while a royal flush pays out huge 500x on your initial bet amount!

The minimum bet you can place is just 10 TRX. However, if you’re a big spender, then you will be pleased with the fact the maximum bet is 1000 Tron which would see hit a life changing 800,000 for a Royal Flush.

Blackjack Game

The Blackjack game is very fun and it’s design is unique to Poker Tron. By the way it plays it seems completely fair and unique when compared to other blackjack games on dapps from competitors. It’s your job to get your cards closest to 21, however, the dealer is doing the same thing as well and you’ve got to get a higher number than him to win. You can also mine PKT tokens while playing this game.


Poker Tron’s own token PKT is generated through bet-mining. When 1 million PKT are mined this starts a new stage. Each time a new stage is passed the value of the token goes up by 5 TRX. Token holders will receive dividends in Tron when a new stage begins.

Poker Tron Token Information

There is a possibility of these tokens being added to a Tron exchange down the line, but for now, the only way to receive PKT tokens is through mining. PKT Token holders own the platform, and this includes its profits and decisions for the future. There will eventually be 100,000,000 PKT in circulation once it has all been mined. People who hold PKT will receive 80% dividends of the profits from every single game across the whole platform.

Referral Bonus

If you invite your friends to join Poker Tron, then you will receive 10% of their earnings in PKT tokens. All you need to do is click on the ‘Referral’ tab at the top of the site, and a referral link will appear for you to send to your friends.

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Our Conclusion

The Dapp space has been crying out for a workable video poker based dapp game and has delivered. This has only been live for a couple of day at time of writing this review but we except big things from the dev team of this populer tron poker game. I see some of the bigger casino dapps such as Tron bet and 888  Tron coping what Poker tron have done further down the line.