New Cloud Server Offers Safe and Hassle-Free Crypto Mining Service

The global crypto mining space is currently abuzz with the launch of a new cloud server cryptocurrency mining service named Splitt. Available currently in 15 cities around the world, Splitt’s Cryptocurrency Cloud Server is steadily growing in popularity amongst the amateurs as well as experts looking to mine cryptocurrencies on a larger scale.

Now, the recently launched cloud server cryptocurrency mining service is promising to make crypto mining more user-friendly and safer than ever before.

The service has been developed taking the future of cryptocurrency mining into account and introduces an all-new hassle-free approach to cryptocurrency mining at home. With its highly sophisticated Cryptocurrency Cloud Server, Splitt has set its sights on providing a standardised, high-performance cloud computing environment in all 15 cities it serves at present.

Over the last decade or so, Bitcoin mining has become extremely popular amongst the crypto enthusiasts around the world. The process involves solving complex mathematical calculations via computers in return for a block in the blockchain and Bitcoins. However, due to the recent increase in the number of miners, Bitcoin mining has become extremely competitive. Responding to this situation, the Bitcoin network has increased the difficulty level of its puzzles.

The changing landscape of bitcoin mining demands optimised mining techniques to ensure profitability.

Splitt offers mining services with ASIC integrated chips that are faster compared to GPU and CPU mining, and consume less power. Its cloud mining service requires no hardware and utilises shared processing power from data centres. Unlike the traditional mining techniques that require constant maintenance, Splitt makes mining cost-effective, more efficient and flexible for the miners.

Some of the most important features of Splitt include:

• Better Pricing: Users need not wait for their equipment or deal with issues such as pool fees and system crashes. Hash power once purchased is retained for the entire duration of the contract.
• Transparency and Service Delivery: Splitt claims to offer the highest level of transparency and ethical standards, and discloses everything to the public. The company is easy to locate and their staffs regularly attend a number of events.
• Mining Different Coins Simultaneously: Users can mine different coins with their purchased hash power. Allocation of hash power between the coins is completely flexible and simple to choose.
• Bonus System: Depending on the turnover of their first line, users are offered bonuses up to 10 BTC.

Splitt users have the option to choose from three different mining contracts with different rates of interests as mentioned below.

• Dynamic Cloud Mining: 2.64% daily, hourly, 0.001 BTC minimum deposit, and 25BTC maximum deposit
• Bare Metal Simplified:5% daily, every twelve hours, 0.025 BTC minimum deposit, and 50 BTC maximum deposit
• ASIC Mining 4.7%: 4.7% daily, daily, 0. 5 BTC minimum deposit, and 500 BTC maximum deposit.

Patel Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer of Splitt, said:

“We understand that mining of Bitcoin is difficult due to competition and the complexity of cryptocurrency algorithms. Minimal hardware, equipment, less consumption of electricity as well as easier travel and movement are some of the benefits you can expect while using Splitt.”

To enhance the user experience of their customers, Splitt has recently launched a mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play. This useful Android app allows the Splitt users to continue cryptocurrency mining on the go.

To download the Splitt mobile app visit

By Joy Lewis.