TronWin is a great Dapp that has a unique list of games when compared to other casino based dapps in the same genre. At the time of writing this review the site only has four different games, a 1minute lottery, a classic dice game, a lottery lite game and the Poker War game. 

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Tronext Dapp Review

TronWin is a perfectly designed Dapp with a load of great graphics and a decent range of unique games. The Dapp at the time of writing this review has only four different games, a great 1 minute lottery game, a classic dice game, a lottery lite game and the ultimate Poker War game.

1 Minute Lottery Game

The 1 minute lottery game goes on every minute, you’ve got a small amount of time before every draw to decide on and place your bet. You have the option to bet on whether the number that will land will be between 1-9 for odds of 9.7. Also, you can bet if it’s going to be big or small and if it’ll be odd or even, if you get it right you’ll receive a multiplier worth 1.94 of your bet.

Dice Game

The aim of the classic Dice game within TronWin is to pick a number between 1-100 and to bet whether the lucky number will roll under or over the number you have chosen. You can either take a significant gamble to get a decent amount or play it safe to gain small profits.

Lottery Lite Game

The Lottery Lite game is similar to the 1 minute lottery game. However, it’s a lot more straightforward as the only betting options available are if the number that will land will be big or small and even or odd. It takes away the opportunity to bet on the specific number that you think will land making it easier to collect profits and makes it easier.

Poker War Game

The Poker War game on TronWin has a beautiful design and stands out from many other poker games on other Dapps. There are two computers going head to head with different poker hands, and it’s your job to either bet on what side you believe will win or the hand that you think one of the two computers will have. You also have the option to put Tron on a Lucky option if you want to test your luck.


TronWin do have an ‘auto bet’ option for each of their games, this is for when players decide they want to mine on the platform. This can run in the background if you want meaning you can do other things while the site just mines WIN tokens.

WIN Token Information

TronWin have WIN Tokens as their dividends for players. The value of 1 WIN token is a total of 999 TRX at the time of writing this review. At the time of writing this review, there has only been 559,951,740 WIN mined from the 120,434,9816 WIN meant to be put into circulation.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonuses are rewarded by referring your friends, in which you can then receive 0.2% of all of their bets.


Our Conclusion

The list of games on TronWin should entice you because of their two different lottery games that can leave you walking away with a quick profit and their very fun Poker Game. You can also mine a tonne of WIN tokens that can be frozen to earn daily Tron dividends on top of the winnings you can grab. Everybody wants a fun game to play and some extra Tron to earn, so why not try out the variety that TronWin have for you!