TronTU is a casino based Dapp with a plan to release three different casino games, one being dice, the other being slots and the last one being an amazing lottery game. You can also complete rewards to earn some of their TUC tokens, you can freeze these tokens to receive extra dividends in Tron daily.

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TronTU Review

TronTU is a great Dapp where you can play a variety of different games and claim daily rewards by doing certain tasks in return for TUC tokens. At the time of writing this review, the only available game is the trendy dice game, with other games such as slots and lottery coming soon.


The first game produced on TronTU is ‘DICE’. Players must pick a number from 4-98 and whether the ‘lucky number’ will be under or over the number you’ve chosen. Due to so many odds, the game gives players a range of multipliers on their bet (1.0368 – 98.5). The players of this Dapp can earn a small amount of TRX with a big chance of winning or they could have a hard chance of winning but earn a bigger amount of Tron.


There is also an auto bet feature for players who want to win decent amounts of TRX and also mine TUC in the background. The more bets that you place on the site then, the more TUC you’ll mine.

TUC Token Infomation

At the time of writing this review there are only 390 TUC tokens available in circulation due to how new the Dapp is. Tron TU has a planned eventual circulation supply of 100 million, 60% of the tokens are awarded to players, 20% goes to the developers, 10% goes to reverse and 10% goes to the site’s partner. What makes this token and dapp stand out is that havent pre mined any coins, so the devs cant dump their own tokens on the exchanges like others have done in the past. Players will receive a TUC token for every 400 TRX they bet, however as the stages progress the TUC token will be worth more Tron.

Referral Bonus

TronTU gives you 0.2% of the people you have referred’s winnings, so if you refer one player then you will earn a tiny percentage of everything they win.


Our Conclusion

TronTU is looking like a promising Dapp with a range of different casino games planned that should ideally stand out from the rest. At the time of writing this review the game only has one Dice game, however they plan to release a unique slot type game and a Tron based lottery system. The site also features a daily rewards feature where you can complete certain objectives in order to receive additional TUC tokens.