Tron Raider

Tron Raider

Tron Raider is a brand new Dapp full of exquisite drawings and simple mechanics. Players can feel a sense of achievement through playing and earning TRX at the same time. This Dapp is an epic fantasy based game where you have to battle evil trolls to take away a cash prize.

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Tron Raider Dapp Review

Tron Raider has only been released for a short amount of time, but with its simple UI and attractive layout, it has already created a loyal following of players. The games involve you attacking a monster and trying to collect  Tron (TRX) before it’s too late.


So far Tron Raider has only released one main game which is ‘RAGE’. The game aims to attack the monster with a selected ‘input force’ (TRX) and then collect fallen TRX. However, while the player is attacking the monster ‘RAGE’ is built up through a certain period - this is a multiplier of the input force - of time until the monster will finally attack and annihilate all players left, losing any collected TRX. To avoid being attacked, players must escape before the attack happens. Before entering the dungeon, players choose how long they will stay attacking before escaping. The later the player escapes the higher the payout of TRX as it is multiplied further, however, it is also a higher risk as all TRX could be lost. Every time the monster is attacked it will lose HP (health points) and once it reaches 0 a tournament pool is activated which gives players more TRX within that time.


The Bash game is another addition to Tron Raider, and it starts in a hall of a dead king where a knight is going head to head against a giant beast. The idea of the game is based on the popular Hi/Lo type dice game that is common on many other Dapps. Choose how easy or hard you want the fight to be, the harder the percentage you pick then, the more Tron you will receive if you do win the fight. If you select the most comfortable percentage, then the knight will have a shiny and massive axe to fight with. However, if you pick the hardest percentage then the knight will be wielding a dagger to try to kill the beast.


Mining within RAGE there’s an ‘auto attack’ choice which will allow players to decide on a choice of input force and the time of escape each time they automatically enter a dungeon, this can gain players modest and even amounts of TRX through a period. Mining in the BASH game is slightly different, select the difficulty percentage and the bet amount then click ‘auto-attack’. It will repeat fighting the beast until the player stops or until you run out of TRX.

RUBY Token Information

Tron Raider will be distributing ‘RUBY’ token dividends as of the 1st April this year. One hundred million tokens will be minted, and each token is currently worth 37.85TRX; however, as the game develops this may change. The distribution will be as followed: 5% seed funding, 10% developer incentives, 25% operation, 60% mining.

Referral Bonus

You can invite your friends to play and get a bonus of 0.2% of any of your friend’s winnings as well as 1% RUBY when your friend earns a RUBY token.

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Our Conclusion

Tron Raider is a great Dapp where you go against a giant beast to try and walk away with a decent amount of Tron. There are two different game modes on this site, one of them being ‘Rage’ which is where you need to predict when the best time is to escape from the monster. The other is the ‘Bash’ mode where you the warrior has to battle a monster, if you choose the hardest option then all you will have is a dagger to kill the beast but if you do so you will win the highest multiplier. This game is a fun RPG based game which can pay out a lot of Tron.