Rocket Game

RocketGame is an interesting casino based dApp that has a broad selection of growing games that consist of Dice, Jacks Or Better Poker, exclusive PVP games and more. The site has a sleek design and includes different bonus opportunities to earn an extra bit of cryptocurrency on the side.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute finanical advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Please do you own homework and due dilenge on these dapps before taking our word for it. Decentralized applications come with risks and should be treated as such.

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Rocket Game dApp Review

RocketGame is a brilliant casino dApp that primarily focuses on fun and unique games for players to earn crypto on. There are PVP games where you can play against other players that are a tonne of fun and give you the opportunity to take home a decent profit. The two PVP games currently available are everybody’s favourite board games BattleShip and Monopoly.

The other games available include a classic dice game, Keno, Mines, HiLo, Plinko, Jacks Or Better poker and there very own rather fun RocketDice game.

Classic Dice Game

The classic dice game is great for players who want to mine the site’s own tokens and receive additional prizes in the form of Tron. Pick a number between 2 and 95 then choose if you think the number will be under or over your choice. If you guess it right then you will win a prize, the amount of the prize depends on the chance of you getting a win. If you win with a low chance of winning then you’ll receive a valuable prize, if you win with a high chance of winning then you’ll receive a lower value prize.

Rocket Dice Game

This is RocketGame’s own little twist on the fun and profitable dice game that you may be familiar with from other dApps. Essentially you have to decide if the four rockets are going to make a number higher than 5000 or lower than 4999. There are four rockets and they all shoot off to a random number.

Mines Game

The mines game is basically a smaller version of the classic game from computers known as ‘Minesweeper’. You have five bombs and you can place them down in certain areas, if you land on where the diamonds are then you will receive these diamonds when the bomb explodes. These diamonds are worth a certain amount of Tron each.

Keno Game

The Keno game is a classic casino game that you will be familiar with if you are an avid casino player. It’s your job to bet if you believe the number that will land will be low or high. The amount of numbers on the table go all the way from 1 up to a colossal amount of 40. However, if you’re feeling like a high roller and have luck on your side then you can bet on a number of your choice. If that number is chosen, then you will receive a massive bonus on top of your original bet.

Fruit Machine Game

In the fruit machine game you have three options on the layout, either play with sliced fruit, fruit or vegetables. The only difference in these three modes is the look of the game, the value of the symbols do not change. There are eight symbols, each of these symbols are all set at different bonus amounts. The symbols with the lowest multiplier amount are the most common symbols you can find, while the one’s with the highest multiplier are more rare to find.

Monopoly Game

The Monopoly game is one of the best games we’ve seen for dApps. You basically join the lobby and sit on a table with up to another four people. Then you enter a Monopoly game, but instead of using Monopoly money you use Tron in this RocketGame dApp. The game plays exactly like an online version of Monopoly, the winner will receive 4000 TRX.

BattleShip Game

Enter the BattleShip game for the small cost of 10 TRX, you will enter a table with up to three other people. This game plays like an online version of the classic board game that you may be familiar with. If you don’t know how BattleShip works, you have to place multiple ships on certain areas on your board. It’s your job to choose the areas upon the board that you believe your enemies ship is on, while they have to do the same for you.

Topia Tokens/Dividends

Start acquiring Rocket tokens the more you play on the dApps avialable on the RocketGame site. To mine 1000 Rocket tokens you need to deposit 820 TRX onto the various dApps.


Players do have the ability to mine on most games as there’s an auto play button in which players can use to earn TRX in the background whilst they continue other tasks. The only games that you cannot just automatically play to mine Rocket tokens are the PvP Games.

Referral bonus

Receieve 0.3% of whoever you’ve referred’s winnings with RocketGame’s lifetime referral bonus.


Our Conclusion

RocketGame is a very entertaining dApp that has a growing list of unique games that are tonnes of fun to take part in. You can win a tonne of bonuses as well as get the opportunity to claim a variety of different bonus features.