Poker Dice

Poker Dice

Poker Dice is a casino based dapp with a unique combination of the popular dice game and poker. Take a guess on whether you believe the next card will be bigger or smaller than the current card. At the bottom of the screen is your hand, every time you take a turn the card that’s revealed goes into your hand. After five goes if you manage to get a poker hand you’ll receive the multiplier that hand is attached too.

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Poker Dice Dapp Review

Poker Dice is an exciting casino based dapp with a twist, this dapp combines the classic dice game with a version of video poker. It’s your job to guess if you believe the next card will be higher or lower than the one already shown to you. These cards that are revealed will go down into your hand below, if you manage to make a poker hand from these cards then you will receive the certain multiplier attached to it.

Poker Dice Game

The Poker Dice game is very interesting as there is no other dapps at the time of writing this review with a game like this. There are two different aspects that encourage players to try and gain a profit. You can choose a card and that’ll give you a certain multiplier depending on the difficulty of it. For example, if you pick a high value card and say the next card will be higher than that then the multiplier will be high as it’s a low chance that the card will be bigger.

The other element to the game is the poker side, every card that’s revealed will go into your hand in the box below. If your five cards form some sort of eligible poker hand then you will win the multiplier attached to that hand.


Poker Dice’s own token PKD is generated through bet-mining. When 100,000 PKD are mined this starts a new stage. Each time a new stage is passed the value of the token goes up by 2 TRX. Token holders will receive dividends in Tron every 24 hours.

Poker Dice Token Information

There is a possibility of these tokens being added to a Tron exchange down the line, but for now, the only way to receive PKD tokens is through mining. There will eventually be 100,000,000 PKD in circulation once it has all been mined. For every 100,000 TRX mined, the price of the token will increase by 2 TRX. At the time of writing this the token is not on an exchange, however the developers have said that they will release a poll and leave it to the users to decide if they want it on an exchange.

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Our Conclusion

Poker Dice is a very promising game with a unique twist that makes it stand out from other dapps with a similar theme. Claim some PKD tokens via bet mining and freeze them to earn daily Tron dividends. This Dapp is a lot of fun because of the fact that Poker Dice has two elements for players to chase after, with the option of big bonuses being won from two different methods this game can’t be missed!