Samsung Galaxy S10 Set to Feature Built-In Crypto Wallet?

Just after two months since Taiwanese tech giant, HTC unveiled its highly-anticipated Exodus 1 – the first blockchain smartphone produced by a mainstream electronics manufacturer – it seems as though rival mobile manufacturer, Samsung, is hot on its heels.

The soon-to-be-released Galaxy S10, which is currently only available to pre-order, has garnered considerable media attention in the past couple of weeks through heavy advertising on social media and television.

Although one of the phone’s unique features is undoubtedly its wireless power share, which lets users turn their devices into a wireless charging pad that anyone with a compatible phone can make use of if their battery is running low, the concept of a built-in cryptocurrency wallet is also a head-turner.

According to several internet sources, Samsung’s latest range of phones (including the S10, S10 Edge, and S10+) will include a cold storage cryptocurrency wallet that allows the user to store Ethereum, Bitcoin, Enjin (ENJ), and Cosmo Chain (COSM), the latter two of whom have enjoyed recent price surges as a result of the rumours that they will be available through the trio of new smartphone devices.

If the grapevine proves to be telling the truth, it’s expected that support for Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in place to allow the world’s two most-used cryptocurrencies to be used as digital payment currencies, with the S10 acting as a point-of-sale device.

The lesser-known cryptocurrency, Enjin, will most likely act as the blockchain wallet, and as both the Enjin and Cosmo Chain logos appeared in Samsung’s Mobile Summit presentation held in London last November, some form of collaboration between the mobile phone manufacturer and the two cryptocurrencies seems quite likely.

To find out if the rumours are indeed true, cryptocurrency experts and fans may have to wait until Samsung starts shipping its new devices on 7th March 2019. However, users who are holding out for the Galaxy S10 5G will have to wait until June before they can get their hands on the 5G version of Samsung’s flagship device.

Besides the potential for a cold storage wallet, the new Galaxy S10 has many other innovative features that mobile technology enthusiasts are keen to explore.

For starters, it comes with an Infinity-O Display, which allows users an uninterrupted viewing experience thanks to a flawless glass finish that wraps from edge-to-edge due to a lack of home button and a simple dot opening for the front camera. The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner has been relocated from the back of the device to the front, allowing the phone to be unlocked with a simple touch of the glass screen.

There’s also an Ultra-Wide Camera that allows for cinematic photographs with a 123-degree field of vision, and which automatically optimise the camera settings to the scene.

Plus, not only can users quickly overcome a low battery with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, but they can also give their friends’ devices a boost via the Wireless PowerShare feature.

Those pre-ordering any of the three new S10 models can choose to purchase a device with space for two SIM cards or one SIM and an SD card slot.

By Laura Kilby