Popular Beauty Crypto App Launches

Women are being encouraged to get involved in the cryptocurrency market via a top beauty app.

Popular makeup and beauty platform Perfect365 will be offering users the chance to earn and pay for services using cryptocurrency. The California-based company has joined forces with Kik, an instant mobile messaging app which can be used on both Android and iPhones (similar to WhatsApp) and boasts an internal browser. The app can be used for one to one, anonymous and group chats, sending messages, videos, photos, gifs and promoted chats.

The Canadian firm created ‘Kin,’ a decentralised crypto token, in 2017 which is issued on Ethereum, a public blockchain network. It quickly made nearly $100 million from selling Kin tokens and is now working with lots of companies to make its cryptocurrency more widely available. Kik named its tokens ‘Kin’ after the word ‘kinship’ which creates a feeling of community and the company aims to create a united digital community working towards a new shared economy.

Hence, it is creating partnerships and collaborating with companies such as Perfect 365 which has integrated the Kin cryptocurrency within its augmented reality app. The beauty app, which has more than 100 million users, is much-loved by celebrities and fashionistas worldwide.

It uses the amazing augmented reality (AR) technology to superimpose a computer-generated image onto the user so they can try out new makeup trends, styles and techniques virtually from popular beauty brands, such as Ipsy, Anna Sui, NYX Professional Makeup, Hot Tools, Sony Pictures and much more, before trying them out for real.

Perfect 365 users now have the opportunity to earn Kin tokens and will be able to spend them on premium features and beauty products within the app and across Kin’s expanding ecosystem of digital consumer apps. One might say it’s about time women joined the menfolk in the crypto space. Up until now, the vast majority of crypto users have been male and women have not been so quick to engage with the digital currency which uses encryption techniques to control the generation of units of currency which are decentralised from the control of a central bank. In fact, according to American business magazine Forbes, the proportion of women engaging in cryptocurrency is only five per cent.

In light of this revelation, Perfect365 recently conducted its own user survey which revealed that only 12 per cent of its female clientele actually owns any form of cryptocurrency. However, the good news is that nearly half of Perfect365’s users have expressed an interest in crypto and 34 per cent are planning to invest in it.
So, it seems that the number of women using crypto is set to increase and now crypto exchanges are making an effort to attract more women to use it. As 92 per cent of Perfect365’s users are women, the company is blazing a trail by being the first ever AR beauty app to give females the chance to use crypto to enjoy its services thus delving into an untapped demographic.

In a recent statement, Dany Fishel, present of Kin, said:

“We look forward to uncovering more unique and meaningful use cases for Kin as we work toward achieving our goal of becoming the most used cryptocurrency in the world.”

In the not too distant future, registered Perfect365 users will be able to earn Kin tokens on the beauty platform by taking part in surveys, as well as sharing their own make-up designs with the community.

Together, Kin and Perfect365 have vowed to carry on creating experiences for users to engage with Kin and become involved in the economy of the future.

By Joy Lewis.