FXcoin Welcomes Former Deutsche Bank Trader to the Team

FXcoin Ltd has recently recruited Yasuo Matsuda, a former institutional trader from Deutsche Bank – a real coup for the start-up as the bank is widely regarded as one of the leading and most respected financial institutions in the world.

Matsuda is reportedly very excited to join FXcoin as a senior crypto strategist. Taking up his position this month, his role will involve analysing cryptocurrency markets and providing daily reports on the fluctuating market’s every move from highs to lows.

The 49-year-old was previously employed as a foreign-exchange dealer at the German bank from 2012 until June 2018 and has experience in rapidly changing markets will stand him in good stead for his new role at FXcoin. FXcoin’s newest recruit heralds a trend for workers leaving traditional finance in favour of the emerging fintech space.

The start-up company has attracted a number of high calibre employees recently including trading experts from global giants such as HSBC, Nomura, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial.

The company’s founder and Chief Executive Office, Tomoo Onishi, was himself a former employee at Deutsche Bank, gaining over 12 years of experience in the bank’s FX division before he left his job in December 2017 to set up FXcoin Ltd.

FXcoin aims to carry out essential research on digital tokens in order to provide information for those investing in digital finance options.

Having already applied to exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin under the country’s licensing system which was launched last the year, FXcoin is applying for regulatory approval from Japan’s financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), to be able to launch its “virtual currency-related business.”

Unfortunately, the firm has met with a hold up as, despite Japan’s thriving crypto scene, $500 million in assets were stolen from Coincheck Inc which has resulted in the country’s wariness of all things crypto.

In the meantime, Onishi revealed to a Bloomberg journalist during a recent interview that FXcoin is “trying to do all [it] can” whilst waiting for approval and has plans to recruit another five members of staff from financial companies once the approval has been granted. It seems that Onishi is on a mission to attract the cream of traditional brokerage talent into the crypto industry which requires professionals with specialised knowledge and skills.

After stepping down from his role as head of currency sales at Deutsche Bank last Christmas, he has given jobs to 15 banking professionals in a bid to lure only the best workforce for his up and coming crypto empire.

As part of his plans to provide round the clock information on digital currencies, the Deutsche Bank veteran will be issuing his own monthly cryptocurrency charts and technical analysis and has enlisted the help of another former colleague, Taisuke Tanaka, an ex-chief foreign-exchange strategist and head of Japan’s fixed-income research at Deutsche Bank. As an independent researcher, Tanaka will be producing articles on digital tokens for FXcoin twice a month.

Onishi’s aim is for his workforce’s Wall-Street know-how will reliably inform clients on investment opportunities and risks involving new digital tokens. He explained:

“Investors won’t be able to take action unless they know what happened in the market when they were asleep.”

By Joy Lewis.