Earn Cryptocurrency Whilst Driving

CyClean is a private company which believes in promoting clean energy by renting out electric vehicles which reduce the emission of toxic gases. It will be rewarding motorists who use its energy efficient electric vehicles by giving them the chance to earn cryptocurrency every time they drive them.

The initiative is part of the company’s pledge to help prevent climate change by getting rid of harmful exhaust fumes which are dangerous for our health and for our ecosystem. It is a well-known fact that road transport vehicles including motorbikes, lorries, and cars are guilty of contributing the highest C02 emissions and there is an urgent need to replace petrol and diesel motors cleaner electric vehicles worldwide. The problem is only going to get worse, not better unless we do something about it now.

CyClean has the ideal solution by introducing clean energy in the form of electric vehicles that do not exhaust fumes. The benefits of this mode of transport are easy to see and very easy for communities, businesses and companies across the globe to accept and embrace.

The advantage of using electric vehicles is that, as well as being beneficial for the environment, they are also cheap to run and easy to charge up, plus there are added financial benefits if you rent one from CyClean. Its block-chain enabled electric-powered vehicles including cars and motorbikes as well as other products, such as solar panels and bicycles, have been programmed to mine cryptocurrency.

Drivers who opt for CyClean’s eco-friendly modes of transport can earn cryptocurrency while they are behind the wheel as they will receive one mine coin per metre travelled. CyClean’s electric vehicles and products have been installed with a chip that connects to the CyClean server via a wireless network which is easy to track. This chip will monitor the distance the user has travelled and reward them accordingly.

The number of CyClean coins paid to users as a reward will be directly proportional to the distance they have travelled, or the watts produced by the vehicle only but applies to users who have travelled further than one kilometre over the duration of 24 hours.

More and more people are choosing to buy electric or hybrid vehicles in an effort to reduce their carbon emissions. In fact, a recent study revealed predicted that around 13 million electric vehicles will be built each year until 2021.

By Joy Lewis.