CryptoKitties is Looking to Expand its Litter

Third-party developers invited to help the CryptoKitties family expand.

Digital currency’s favourite feline game is looking to expand its litter. The development team behind CryptoKitties is appealing for third-party developers to help it grow and expand its following of users. CryptoKitties is a video game developed by Vancouver-based Axiom Zen game studio which is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and enables you to buy, sell and breed virtual cats.

CryptoKitties was launched in 2017 with the aim of making blockchain technology more accessible to the average person. It really took off last Christmas and has been hailed the world’s most successful blockchain game and one of the most addictive games globally. The aim of CryptoKitties is the collect and breed cats in a bid to grow your collection and make some crypto cash out of your family of kitties.

The Kitties are crypto collectables so you can buy, sell, or trade your CryptoKitty whilst blockchain tracks your ownership securely. However, in order to create a superior feline breed line, you have to invest your own money to buy the most purr-fect pussies available. Players strive to own the best felines which all have unique features – they can be mated with other felines to create new breeds but beware they will have their own individual characteristics – some good, some bad…they are all one of a kind.

If you’re good at breeding you can create the ultimate super kitty and earn yourself some crypto in the process. But despite CryptoKitties’ popularity and the fact that it received $12 million in venture funding to develop in March, this decentralised application (dApp) is struggling to expand its fanbase further than its existing 500 loyal users. So in order to attract more cat lovers, the development team at Axiom Zen is inviting third-party developers to join the KittyVerse – the extended realm of CryptoKitties. Here community members can contribute to the game’s evolution by developing their own apps and features to enhance the game and enable them to do more things with their pets.

These apps can range from fun things to do with your feline to useful tools and tips for breeders. A prime example of a third-part dApp is Kitty Kred where CryptoKitties players can create their very own collectable digital tokens for their cat creations. You can also test your pussy’s speed in KittyRace where you can win some Ether, a unique piece of code that can be used to pay for resources needed to run an application or programme. Meanwhile, Kitty Family is a useful tool which allows breeders to view a kitty’s complete family tree so you can gauge whether it has good genes or not.

CryptoKitty Data is a must-have data mining tool for those wishing to expand their collection of cats. The programme scans your wallet, examines the genes in all your felines and inputs all that information into a useful spreadsheet. Third-party developers will get access to its public application programme interface (API) database and documentation to build their products.

Bryce Bladon, a co-founder of CryptoKitties, said:

“Once a concept proves viable, third-party creators can build on top of it and access an existing user base. Everyone’s a stakeholder, and every new experience results in new ways to use your CryptoKitty.”

As well as inviting developers to join the KittyVerse platform, CryptoKitties also launched its Nifty Kitty Program, which is the company’s promise to financially support developers who create their own dApps on the KittyVerse platform.

Developers will receive a “Nifty License,” allowing them to use and build on the license’s foundation for any experience they create using a non-fungible token or an ‘NFT.’ Participants in the programme will receive a small loan that they have to pay back if the project makes money, but if it doesn’t, the loan becomes a grant.

By Joy Lewis.