Fishing Master

Fishing Master

Fishing master is a cute DApp brought to you by When entering this DApp, the player is faced with a bright coloured page with small cartoon characters. You must first choose which currency you wish to play with (TRX, GTC, GAME or FISH). Then your aim is to hook as many fish as you can in exchange for tokens!

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Fishing Master Dapp Review

The main aim of Fishing Master is to hook as many fish as you can and earn TRX and FISH tokens. Collecting large amounts of tokens can then gain you a share of daily dividends.

Fishing Master Game

To begin explaining the gameplay of ‘Classic Fishing’ when using TRX currency (the rules and gameplay remain the same for every currency). You must first choose how much TRX (or whichever currency you are using) you wish to bet; this amount can range from 100-5000 TRX (this may differ on other currencies). Your bet will be multiplied by the different fish you catch and how many fish you catch (an image containing the various rewards for each fish can be found below).

If you do not catch any fish by the time the cast timer is up, you are then given a ‘star’ which is added to the bar above the ‘cast button. Once this bar is filled, you can then gain a ‘FISH’ token. In addition to this, each time you get ten stars you get a ‘double casting chance’ this doubles your score for each fish you catch. Note that if you change the amount of currency, you are betting while this bar has ‘star’ it will reset, and you will have to start over to fill your bar up.


You can choose to play the game through ‘auto cast’ which will allow you to mine fish at any price of TRX you choose on auto pilot. This can keep going on for as long or as little as you choose and can be done in the background whilst you do other tasks.

FISH Token information

There is a total of 100 million FISH tokens that will be generated within Fishing Master. In addition to 60% of daily profits going towards FISH token holders, depending on how many tokens they own, their profits will differ. 10% of daily profits will go towards rankings and 30% will go to the games ecosystem and development.

Referral Bonus

You can invite your friends to play games on Fishing Master, and you will earn an additional 50% of FISH generated by your friend’s bets. You can create a referral link once you have signed up to the site by clicking on the referral link underneath the language button on the home screen.

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Our Conclusion

The Fishing Master Dapp is a easy to play game that’s appealing to the eyes and can pay out big. Players will love the simplicity of the game if they are not looking for a challenging Dapp but are hoping to win big. The aim of Fishing Master is just to try and collect as many fish as possible, the more fish you collect then the more Tron (TRX) you will receive. The different games that are available make it promising to players, this Dapp and it’s FISH token looks like it has a bright future.