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Doo Tron is a new Dapp bringing a new twist to the popular Hi/Lo card game. This Dapp has only just launched and has new games coming soon. You can mine it’s own DOO Token when you play the game, the more you play then the more you’ll mine. These tokens are available to trade on exclusive Tron (TRX) exchanges.

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DooTron Dapp Review

Dootron has only been around for a short time, but they are already making waves within the Tron Dapp space. The good thing about this dapp is that you have to play the game in order to collect divs and win Tron (TRX). While most of the other dapps allow an auto bet feature, there is no way to autoplay Dootron due to the nature and odds of the game.

Hi/Lo Game

The aim of this game is to correctly guess the next card, whether the card will be higher or lower than your current card. Or you can be creative and guess on Red or Black or on which suit (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs) the next card will be. There is also a progressive jackpot feature where as each successful guess progresses you to the next round. The player who gets to the highest rounds, currently round 16 at the time of writing, wins the Dootron jackpot. It is well worth winning as it’s now at around 54,000 TRX.


Dootron’s token DOO is generated through bet-mining. There are 60 million DOO tokens minable in Total. After 1 million DOO are mined this starts a new stage. Every stage passed will increase the difficulty; the rule of difficulty grows by 0.8 trx every stage. This is really cheap, and won’t affect the difficulty of mining the coin for a long time. DOO token holders will receive dividends from every game’s profits in Dootron platform and will have the right to vote in future planning of the site. While tokens can be purchased through bet-mining, you will be able to trade these at a later date.

Doo Token Infomation

There is a total of 100 million DOO that will be generated and the distributed as follows: 60% Bet-mining, 10% Promotion, 20% Operation and 10% Team and advisers. The devs also claim that the tokens to be distributed to promotion, operation, and team/advisors will not participate in claiming dividends at the initial stage. However, dividends will gradually be distributed as mining begins.

Referral Bonus

You can invite your friends to play games on DooTron, and you will earn an additional 15% of DOO generated by your friend’s bets. You can create a referral link once you have signed up to the site by clicking on the referral link in the header menu.

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Our Conclusion

The Hi/Lo game in the DooTron dapp is one of the most enjoyable casino games out in the Dapp space at the moment. In addition to the current game, the team at Doo Tron are releasing two new games for players to enjoy in the future. The white paper for the future of this Dapp is out now so make sure to give it a read to see all of the site’s future plans. The DOO Token that you mine is great as well as you can either trade it on a Tron exchange or freeze it to earn dividends in TRX!