Crazy Dogs Live

Crazy Dogs Live

Crazy Dogs live is the worlds first Social grey hound racing dapp game on the Tron Blockchain. The Crazy Dogs Live platform has bet mining an live stream features so you can wath the races as they happen. You will receive DOG token when you start playing on the site’s different games, which you can then freeze to earn daily TRX dividends.

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Crazy Dogs Live Review

Crazy Dogs Live is a great casino Dapp where you can bet on a dog race between six different dogs. If you choose the favourite then you’ll have more of a chance of winning, however if you decide to pick the least favourite there’s less chance of you winning but if you do you’ll win a considerable amount. There is also an additional Dog Dash game for players who want to get some quick wins.

Crazy Dogs Live Game

Pick one of six different dogs and decide your bet amount, the chance of winning depends on the dog that you pick as there is a favourite and least favourite. The favourite gives you a 95% chance of winning but it only gives you a 1.03x bonus. If you bet on the least favourite dog to win then you will only have a 10% chance of winning but you will receive a 9.8% multiplier if you do win. You can also bet on if you believe the dog will lose, for example if you bet on the favourite to lose and it does then you will receive a 19.6% multiplier but there’s only a 5% chance of winning.

Dog Dash Game

The Dog Dash game is similar to the Crazy Dogs game but it is different as a race is happening every 30 seconds, meaning that you can pick up some very quick wins. You can bet on the favourite to collect a 2x multiplier, however if you bet on the least favourite and it wins then you will grab a 49x multiplier.


Within both of the games, there is an auto bet feature for players who want to win decent amounts of TRX and also mine DOG in the background. The more bets that you place on the site then, the more DOG you’ll mine.

DOG Token Infomation

There is a total of 5701282 DOG tokens currently in circulation at the time of writing this within Crazy Dogs Live. Now, it is at stage 1 level 1 of mining, and it’s gradually increasing.

Referral Bonus

Crazy Dogs Live gives you 0.25% of the people you have referred’s bets, so if you refer one player then you will earn a tiny percentage of everything they bet on the Dapp.

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Our Conclusion

Crazy Dogs Live is the world’s first social game ecosystem built on the Tron Network. There are two different games at the moment that you can play where you can potentially win a great amount of Tron. In both games you can bet on race dogs, one game is very similar to the Dice game seen in many other Dapps by the way that it works. It isn’t hard to get your head around this Dapp and you can mine DOG tokens that you can sell on an exchange or freeze it for daily Tron dividends.