BeeHive Game


The BeeHive game is a return on investment dApp where you create a beehive and fill them with different bee’s to receive up to 125% in profit every month. The more money that you earn from this game then the more you can upgrade your bees and the machine to improve the quality of your production.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute finanical advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Please do you own homework and due dilenge on these dapps before taking our word for it. Decentralized applications come with risks and should be treated as such.

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BeeHive Dapp Review

The BeeHive dApp is a perfect game to play if you’re looking at offloading some of your cryptocurrency as an investment then this dApp could be a worthy contender. Essentially you have to buy bee’s and place them into your hive, the more bee’s you have in your hive then the more Tron you will receive in dividends. Buy higher value bee’s and better production equipment to receive higher amounts of cryptocurrency.

Deposit Tron onto this game to receive the game’s two resources, Honey and Wax. The only way to gather Honey is by letting the bee’s that you buy produce it or by gathering it from other players’s hives who you have referred. You can use Honey to improve the quality of the production meaning you can make more Honey & Wax. One Tron is worth 50 Honey while 50 wax is also worth the same amount at one Tron. Wax can also be obtained from your bees, however it’s also available to buy with Tron. You can use wax to buy more bees and also to develop the hive as a whole.

BeeHive Game

There are a variety of different bees that you can buy and add to your hive. The first one is completely free and that is the AirDrop bee which gives you a lovely amount of 300 Wax per day! This is brilliant considering it’s completely free and you can use the wax you gain to continue to upgrade your hive. Another bee you can buy is the SmartBee that gives you 100% of your initial deposit back monthly. These bee’s only cost 1,500 wax or honey to buy.

You can buy CryptoBee’s that gives you 102% of your original investment every month. To buy one of these bee’s you need to pay 7500 wax or honey. Buy Beetcoin’s to receive 104% of your deposit every month and these cost a high amount of 30,000 wax or honey. Purchase a SpaceBee for 75,000 wax or honey and you will get 106% of your month. Then you can also get a DroidBee that costs a colossal amount of 250,000 wax or honey, however it can give you 108% of your investment every month. You can receive a TronBee for 750,000 wax or honey and this gives you 111% of your investment every month. Then after you’ve purchased this bee you can finally upgrade to the SuperBee that gives you 125% of your investment every month for just 325,000 wax or honey.

There is a range of medals that you can win by completing certain challenges and receiving more achievement points. The top prize that you can get is the Emerald Medal that gives you 800,000 wax for receiving 23.5 million achievement points.

Referral Bonus

You can invite your friends on the BeeHive game to play and get a 10% bonus of every bit of wax or honey they make.

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Our Conclusion

The BeeHive game is brilliant for people who are looking to lock up their Tron but earn money from it at the same time. Every month the BeeHive dApp will pay out a certain percentage of whatever you’ve deposited into the website.