7 Tron

7 Tron

7 Tron is a casino dApp with a list of growing games for players to enjoy including a dice game and many more known casino games. You can refer friends to earn up to 7% of whatever they earn on the site as well as take advantage of tasks that can earn you extra amounts of crypto.

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7 Tron Dapp Review

7 Tron is a promising and sophisticated looking dApp that has a variety of casino games to help you win a lovely cash prize in the form of cryptocurrency. At the time of writing this review there are only two games available for players to have a go on, these are the Dice game and the Marker game. You can mine SVN tokens when you play any of these games, you will be able to mine loads more tokens by placing the game in autoplay mode.

Dice Game

If you are not familiar with how dice games work on most dApps then let us fill you in. You enter the amount of Tron that you would like to bet and then choose a number from 1 to 95. It’s your job to then bet if you believe the lucky number will be under or over the number you hose. If the chances of you winning are low then you will receive a bigger bonus if you win, however if the chances are high then your bonus will be lower.

Marker Game

The Marker game is rather simple for players to wrap their heads around as you get four options to bet on. Bet on grey to receive a 2x bonus, grey is the most common colour on the wheel. You can bet on green to receive a 3x bonus of whatever you staked, then there’s the option to bet on yellow for a great 5x bonus. However, if you’re a high roller and want to take a big chance then you can bet on red which gives you a 50x bonus. The only problem with picking red is that there’s only one on the wheel so the chances of picking it up are very slim.


The auto play feature really helps with mining, every time you make a bet on any of these games you will mine a bit of SVN tokens into your account. At the time of writing this review there are over 1 milllion SVN tokens mined and it costs a big total of 777 TRX to mine just one Tron.

SVN Token Information

At the time of writing this review there is over 1 million SVN tokens frozen across the entire network. If you freeze your SVN tokens you will begin to receive daily dividends in the form of Tron.

Refferal Bonus

Conveniently you get a 7% referral bonus of whoever you refers deposits on 7 Tron.

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Our Conclusion

7 Tron is an excellent casino based dApp with a growing list of games. At the time of writing this review, there are two games that are available for players to take advantage of and for you to mine SVN tokens. The ability to mine SVN tokens is great, you can auto mine by playing the games available that currently include the classic dice game and the marker game.