Trontopia is a very fair casino Dapp with a fantastic design that has an ultimate dice game. Unfortunately there is no other games available apart from the well designed dice game, however the site might add more games in the future as at the time of writing this review the dapp is rather new. Numerous blockchain experts have placed their focus in this Dapp and it’s technology.

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Trontopia Dapp Review

The Trontopia Dapp is a beautiful looking game where you can play fairly to try gain some profits from this futuristic dice game. There is only one game available on the site at the time of writing this review, however the odds of winning are fair and the payouts are very grateful. As you play you can also bet mine their own token and freeze it for daily dividends in TRX.


The first game to be produced on Trontopia is ‘DICE’ and it’s great algorithm makes it trustworthy. The aim of the game is simple, the player must pick a number from 0-96 or 2-98 and whether the ‘lucky number’ will be under or over the number you’ve chosen. Allowing players to earn small or large amounts of TRX depending on their bets and the risk they are willing to take.

There’s also a side bet option on the side of the game where you can enable it to be in the chance of winning the side bet jackpot. You can place your side bet at the bottom of the screen and then you can select one of the options to decide on your multiplier and the chance of you winning. If there’s a higher chance of winning then your multiplier will be lower, however, if your chance of winning is low then the multiplier is higher.


Within Trontopia there is an auto bet feature for players who want to win decent amounts of TRX and also mine TOPIA in the background. The more bets that you place on the site then, the more TOPIA you’ll mine.

TOPIA Token Infomation

There is a total of 48,538 TOPIA tokens currently in circulation at the time of writing this within Trontopia. Now, it is at stage 1 level 1 of mining, and it’s gradually increasing. At the moment 1 TOPIA is worth 833 TRX, however, there is a total of twenty stages.

Referral Bonus

Trontopia gives you 0.2% of the people you have referred’s winnings, so if you refer one player then you will earn a tiny percentage of everything they bet on the Dapp.

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Our Conclusion

Trontopia is an innovative new casino based Dapp with some great graphics and a really good system that pays out to players fairly. Do some bet mining and collect extra TOPIA tokens to freeze on their website to receive daily Tron dividends. The side bet feature also is a fun way for players to earn a bit more Tron on the side while playing the main game if they’re up for it. This is very promising as it shows the type of features they will add to the dapp over time.