Tron Bet

Tron Bet has a variety of games to offer in addition to exciting giveaways and dividends. Players can find fun in a number of ways through playing this Dapp. There are three different games available, a popular dice game, a ring game that’s like roulette and a game where you have to bet on a random multiplier.

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Tron Bet Review

Tron Bet has been going for a longer period of time compared to most other Dapps, however, due to new giveaways and up-coming gameplay more interest has been brought back to the classic casino Dapp.


The first game produced on Tron Bet is ‘DICE’. The aim of the game is simple, the player must pick a number from 4-98 and whether the ‘lucky number’ will be under or over the chosen number. Due to so many odds, the game gives players a range of multipliers on their bet (1.036 – 98.5). Allowing players to earn a small or large amounts of TRX depending on their bets.


‘MOON’ is another game presented on Tron Bet, however, it differs completely to ‘DICE’. The aim is again, simple and, maybe a little more entertaining. The player must still choose a bet yet, an ‘auto-stop’ time must also be chosen as well. After choosing everything listed, the player will see an arrow slowly making it’s way up a graph increasing the multiplier as it goes. This arrow can get ‘mooned’ however, at any time. In order for the player to earn TRX they must auto stop before the arrow is mooned. This can still earn the player a range of TRX.


RING, is again unique to both other Dapps on the platform, the aim of the game is to select a bet and a colour which the arrow will land on once the ring is spun. In addition to this, each colour represents a multiplier; Grey 2, Red 3, Blue 5, Yellow 50. Although there are fewer multipliers within this Dapp, players can still earn a lot of TRX through estimated guesses as to where the ring has landed previously.

Live Slots

TronBet also have a great catalogue of slot games for players to have a go on. At the time of writing this review there is 10 different slots with all unique themes. However you must be over 21 in order to access this version of the site because a gambling license is needed. You can also earn LIVE tokens from when you’re playing where you can freeze the tokens for a certain amount of Tron from daily dividends.

Live Table Games

TronBET have updated their site once more with the addition of table games. There are in total 11 casino games that you can take advantage of and use to your enjoyment. These include four blackjack variants, two baccarat variants, two variants of poker and the Sic Bo table game. The more you play these games then the more you mine their LIVE token.

Live Dealer Games

The live dealer games on this DApp are a tonne of fun and have a variety of languages for players of all kinds. There is a decent range of live casino games for you to play including varieties of Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Dice Games and Lottery Games. The more you play these games then the more LIVE tokens that you’ll mine.


Within each of the Dapps listed the player does have an auto bet choice through previously deciding a bet and any additional information. This allows players to carry on with anything else whilst making themselves little to large amounts of TRX in the background.

ANTE Token Infomation

There is a total of 824,000 ANTE tokens currently in circulation within Tron Bet. By playing 2320 TRX you can earn 1 ANTE as Tron Bet is now on a much later stage on dividends (7-8). However, rather than relying on dividends at this stage of Tron Bet, competitions have been introduced to not only give away TRX but other prizes as well. Such as a Tesla competition which was held from March 18th – March 31st. And it is most likely that there will be more competitions in the future.

LIVE Token Information

In addition to the ANTE token is the LIVE token which you can earn from playing the selection of Live slots. You can then freeze the LIVE tokens that you receive separately from the ANTE tokens and receive additional Tron dividends. At the time of writing this review the coin is at stage 1 level 5 and 1 of the coins is worth just 208 TRX.

Referral Bonus

Tron Bet does not currently have referral bonuses.0


Our Conclusion

TronBET is one of the oldest casino Dapps that’s going and we can see why because of it’s unique games on offer. The site is constantly improving and updated with new unique games to spike players’ interest. You can grab some great dividends thanks to the ANTE token that’s apart of Tron Bet. You earn ANTE when you play on the different games, you can then freeze it to earn dividends in Tron.